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This collection includes any of the following flavors:


- Manhattan

- Irish Cream 

- Vodka Citron

- Orange Rum

- Port Wine 

- Bourbon & Cherry

- Bourbon Truffle

- Orange Marzipan with Grand Marnier

- Amaretto Truffle

- Champagne Rose

- Coconut Rum


 Note: In case any of our flavors is out of stock, we will double any other flavor from the list above.


Araya Artisan Chocolate brings the most delectable gifts made of a wide range of elegant chocolates, all handcrafted from scratch.

Single origin chocolate is combined with only the finest ingredients to preserve the authenticity of the premium chocolate used. 

Our products are handcrafted utilizing modern techniques to bring unique colors and designs to our creations that promise to indulge the most sophisticated palates.

The menu is included in each box.

Freshness and Care: Store these products at room temperature ideally, 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Truffles should be consume within 7 days and chocolates within 14 days. 

Allergens: milk, nuts, peanuts, soy and wheat.

For more information abou the flavors please check "Chocolate Flavors"

Aprox. weight with box: 14 oz. 


Photos by Nancy Aidee Photography

Customer Reviews (2)

Very good.

These were better than the other chocolates in the order. An immediate burst of flavor with more upon chewing. Did not have a hard feel. The other chocolates almost crunched. Consistency may be an issue. I order chocolates from Belgium and France. I would like to continue here. We'll see.

Changed my life!

Posted by Rosemary on 22nd Jun 2011
I received a small box as a gift for my birthday in June. This chocolate raised the bar in terms of the type of chocolate I will eat. Thanks to Ms. E. for enlightening me!
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