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  • cherry-cognac

    Cherry Cognac

    Rich chocolate ganache with a bouquet of Cognac, crowned with a cherry.

  • strawberry-champagne

    Strawberry Champagne

    A perfect marriage of strawberries, champagne and a creamy milk chocolate ganache.

  • venezuela-41-3

    Venezuela 41%

    A smooth dark milk ganache of 41% cacao with a combination of caramel and nut flavors, grown in Venezuela.

  • venezuela-70-3

    Venezuela 70%

    A flavorful dark ganache made with a robust and bitter chocolate 70% cacao from Chocolates El Rey.

  • Strawberry & Cassis

    Strawberry & Cassisvegan.png

    Fresh strawberries mixed with Crème de Cassis blended with a dark Venezuelan chocolate ganache.

  • earl-grey

    Earl Grey

    A combination of dark and milk chocolate ganache infused with Earl Grey tea. (48 cal.)

  • peanut-butter-berries

    Peanut Butter & Berries

    A creamy combination of dark chocolate ganache, crunchy peanut butter and dried strawberry pieces. (51 cal.)

  • strawberry-balsamic

    Strawberry Balsamicvegan.png

    Hand painted heart filled with dark chocolate ganache melded with strawberries flavored with a reduction of balsamic vinegar.

  • coconut-almonds

    Coconut Almonds

    Creamy coconut infused milk chocolate ganache with toasted almond, enrobed in dark chocolate couverture.

  • bourbon-cherry

    Bourbon & Cherryvegan.png

    Fresh cherries mixed with Jim Bean’s Red Stag Bourbon blended with a dark Venezuela ganache.

  • cappuccino


    Robust coffee ganache with a touch of cinnamon enrobed in creamy white chocolate.

  • orange-marzipan

    Orange Marzipanvegan.png

    Tender almond marzipan with minced candied orange peel and a hint of Grand Marnier in dark chocolate couverture.

  • cinnamon-walnuts

    Cinnamon & Walnuts

    A 41% milk chocolate ganache infused with cinnamon, blended with roasted walnuts and covered in milk chocolate.

  • passion-fruit

    Passion Fruit

    A creamy white chocolate passion fruit mousse covered in dark chocolate.

  • pink-salt

    Pink Salt

    A strong dark chocolate ganache with a touch of pink salt from the Himalayan Mountains.

  • vodka-citron

    Vodka Citron

    Intense dark ganache with a bouquet of Absolut Citron enrobed in dark chocolate couverture.

  • moroccan-tea

    Moroccan Tea

    Intense dark ganache infused with a Moroccan mixture of mint and black tea.

  • key-lime

    Key Lime

    A creamy milk chocolate ganache with a hint of fresh lime zest and juice in a hand painted white chocolate couverture.

  • port-wine

    Port Wine

    A dark chocolate mousse with a touch of Port wine.

  • chai-spice

    Chai Spice

    A dark chocolate ganache spiced with an infusion black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

  • chipotle


    Mexican chipotle flavors 61% Venezuela ganache finished with dark chocolate couverture.

  • hazelnut-praline

    Hazelnut Pralinè

    Creamy hazelnut pralinè blended with milk chocolate ganache.

  • pistachio


    A delicate milk chocolate cream combined withpistachio paste and roasted pieces.

  • irish-cream

    Irish Cream

    A soft milk chocolate mousse blended with Bailey’s Irish Cream in a hand painted white chocolate couverture.

  • mango-habanero

    Mango Habanero

    Two layer chocolate, mango mousse and a spicy dark chocolate ganache infused withHabanero Pepper and sprinkled with salt.

  • tequila


    A fragranced dark milk chocolate ganache enhansed with premium tequila anejo.

  • blueberry-cardamon

    Blueberry Cardamonvegan.png

    A creamy Blueberry chocolate ganache with a touch of cardamon and topped with a dry Blueberry.

  • salted-caramel

    Salted Caramel

    Creamy soft caramel with a hint of fleur de sal encased in a dark chocolaye shell.

  • dulce-de-leche

    Dulce de Leche

    Creamy dulce de leche and smooth milk chocolate ganache covered in a dark chocolate shell.

  • acai-pomegranate-2

    Acai Pomegranatevegan.png

    A merge of Acai Berry and Pomegranate Juice in a creamy dark chocolate ganache.

  • manhattan


    Dark chocolate ganache infused with a blend of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Martini & Rossi Vermouth and cherry juice.

  • orange-rum

    Orange Rum

    Dark chocolate ganache with a bouquet of orange zest and Santa Teresa Orange Rum.

  • ginger


    Fresh minced ginger combined with a dark chocolate ganache, enrobed in dark couverture.

  • raspberry


    A raspberry cream blended with 41% Venezuelan chocolate ganache in dark chocolate couverture.


  • amaretto


    58.5% Venezuelan chocolate ganache with Italian Amaretto liqueur finished with chocolate curls.

  • champagne-rose

    Champagne Rosé

    Milk chocolate mousse with a touch of Champagne Rose rolled in dust of pink sugar.

  • bourbon-2


    A fragranced dark ganache with a hint of Bourbon rolled in cacao powder.

  • cafe-cafe

    Café Café

    61% Venezuelan chocolate ganache infused with aromatic Colombian coffe rolled in flavored sugar.

  • coconut-rum

    Coconut Rum

    Coconut cream with a hint of Malibu Rum merged in soft milk chocolate ganache.

  • hazelnut


    Creamy 41% milk chocolate ganache with a touch of hazelnut praline enrobed in roasted hazelnut pieces.


  • lemon-macaron


  • vanilla-macaron


  • raspberry-macaron


  • pistachio-macaron


  • mocha-macaron


  • dark-chocolate-macaron

    Dark Chocolate

  • caramel-macaron