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This collection includes any of the following flavors:

- Manhattan

- Chipotle

- Vodka Citron

- Bourbon & Cherry

- Orange Rum

- Blueberry Cardamon

- Peanut Butter & Berries

- Salted Caramel

- 70% Venezuelan Dark Chocolate

- Acai Pomegranate

- Chai Spice

- Pink Salt


 Note: In case any of our flavors is out of stock, we will double any other flavor from the list above. 


Araya Artisan Chocolate brings the most delectable gifts made of a wide range of elegant chocolates, all handcrafted from scratch.

Single origin chocolate is combined with only the finest ingredients to preserve the authenticity of the premium chocolate used. 

Our products are handcrafted utilizing modern techniques to bring unique colors and designs to our creations that promise to indulge the most sophisticated palates.

The menu is included in each box.

Freshness and Care: Store these products at room temperature ideally, 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Truffles should be consume within 7 days and chocolates within 14 days. 

Allergens: milk, nuts, peanuts, soy and wheat.

For more information abou the flavors please check "Chocolate Flavors" https://www.arayachocolate.com/chocolate-flavors/

Aprox. weight with box: 14 oz.


Photos by Nancy Aidee Photography www.nancyaidee.com


Customer Reviews (9)

Best Sellers are the Best

Posted by john on 20th Nov 2021
I have never been disappointed in any of the selections from Araya. They make great gifts and even better for your own enjoyment.


I am a first time buyer and happy to say: each chocolate is a pleasant surprise. Excellent choice of flavors. My favorite were the ones with salt on top. I absolutely love the one with pink salt.

Not as fresh as usual. Seemed flat.

Posted by Les Peebles on 9th Jun 2015
While still enjoyable, this order was not as good as my first. Everything did not seem to be as fresh. Still edible, but disappointing. I will try once more and return to ordering from Belgium if freshness is not good.


My favorite. Love this assortment. It takes a lot of discipline not to immediately gobble up the whole box.

Araya Integrity

Posted by Elise Orman on 6th Feb 2014
I have ordered chocolate gifts from Araya for years. At Christmas time I ordered gifts to be ordered close to the 25th. Two of them were delivered a week ahead of time. Araya honored the mistake and replaced the chocolates. Needless to say, the chocolates were delicious as always.

Great flavors -

What happened to the Ginger chocolates? Miss those! How can we pick our flavor choices in a box?

Nice Surprise

Posted by Angie on 17th Jun 2013
I have gone through 2 boxes of these chocolates and fell in love with Araya. I prefer dark chocolates and at first picked some favorite flavors, then went back for 2nd box to try some new ones. I was pleased with most of the flavors. Some I didn't think I would like but really fell in love with. Like the strawberry balsamic.

Truly Outstanding Chocolate

Posted by Beth Capogrossi on 5th Apr 2013
The minute I opened the box, I knew I had discovered something very special. The flavors are so fresh and the combinations so unique...strawberry balsamic, key lime. After 2 pieces, I raced to my computer to leave a review. Thank you for creating such beautiful AND delicious chocolates. I will definitely be ordering these (along with your macarons) for gifts.

Not as good as hoped

Posted by Bonnie McMurray on 16th Dec 2012
Both orders arrived at one time, although I had asked for different shipping dates. The ones I kept, which should have been delayed by a week, have been in the fridge. When we tried them this weekend, they were not very flavorful and the texture was dry. I don't know if it was because they were old, or too cold, or what.
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