Xmas Ornament - In store only

Weight: 2.00 LBS

A limited edition masterpiece chocolate ornament made of premium Single Origin chocolate!

All edible from out to inside and fill with delicious decadent Holiday treats inside:

-Gingerbread: Hand baked gingerbread cookies bring their sweet, spicy crunch to a blanket of creamy white chocolate with a rich dark chocolate marble.

-Peppermint Bark Shortbread: Crispy shortbread bites in dark chocolate and a silky peppermint bark coating.

-Cherries covered in milk chocolate: Perfectly ripe, sweet cherries celebrate their amazingly delicious flavor under several layers of creamy milk chocolate. 

NOTE: This item is an in store only, it is very delicate to be shipped!


Araya Artisan Chocolate brings the most delectable gifts made of a wide range of elegant chocolates, all handcrafted from scratch.

Single origin chocolate is combined with only the finest ingredients to preserve the authenticity of the premium chocolate used. 

Our products are handcrafted utilizing modern techniques to bring unique colors and designs to our creations that promise to indulge the most sophisticated palates.

Freshness and Care: Store these products at room temperature ideally, 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Consume within 6 months. 


Photos by Nancy Aidee Photography www.nancyaidee.com


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