Chocolate Appreciation Class & Catered Events

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Let the specialists of Araya Artisan Chocolate share their passion for chocolate through different demonstrations at our facility in Katy.

Event Description:

This event aims to show the attendants a broad overview of the chocolate, its history, different origins, processes and appreciation of a fine chocolate.

• Trace the history of the Criollo Cacao in Latin-American and the world.
• Look into a cacao plantation through a short video and learn about the harvesting of the fruit from the cacao tree.
• Understand the steps required to create chocolate from the bean to the bar.
• Try chocolates from different origins and open a dialog about the impact that the terroir, just like in the wine world, makes to the end product. 
• Learn about the different aspects of chocolate that are important when experiencing fine chocolate, including taste, sight, smell, and touch.  
• Learn about various Truth and Myths about chocolate.
• Get a sneak peak of the process we use to transform a chocolate bar to a gourmet creation.
• Watch a preparation of chocolates following the Belgian and French techniques.
• Watch a preparation of a ganache with refined and delicate blends and sample it.
• Tasting of our best sellers artisan chocolates.

Length:  90 min   Group Size: 10-20   Cost: $25 per person


Catered Events:

We offer the possibility to make an event at your location (company or any other venue) with the date, duration and number of guests of your choice.

Minimum Group Size: 15.

Please send us an email to for pricing.


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