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Authentic Macarons, imported from France, are an exclusive specialty from Araya Artisan Chocolates.

This box gives you an existing variety of flavors that include: Chocolate, Vanilla, Bourbon Vanilla, Rose Water, Pistachio, Lemon, Orange, Caramel, Raspberry and Mocha.

A macaron is a sweet confectionery made with egg whitesicing sugargranulated sugaralmond powderor ground almond, and food coloring. The macaron is commonly filled with buttercream or jam filling, sandwiched between two cookies. Its name is derived from an Italian word "maccarone" or "maccherone". This word is itself derived from ammaccare, meaning crush or beat, used here in reference to the almond paste which is the principal ingredient. It is meringue-based: made from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar.

The confectionery is characterized by its smooth, domed top, ruffled circumference (referred to as the "foot"), flat base. It is mildly moist and easily melts in the mouth

Allergens: milk, nuts, peanuts, soy and wheat.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Macarons have a short life of three days and should be keep refrigerated. If you are ordering this product to be shipped please make sure that they will arrive wthin 2 days to your destination.

Aprox. weight with box: 14 1/2 oz.


Photos by Nancy Aidee Photography www.nancyaidee.com

Customer Reviews (4)


My first macaron experience was with Araya and I will never get macarons from anywhere else. They're so good!


Posted by Sabine on 14th Aug 2014
I received 15 macarons shipped frozen in the flavors chocolate, lemon, strawberry, coffee, vanilla, rosewater, caramel, orange, bourbon vanilla, and pistachio. Of these flavors orange and pistachio were the best.

I have gone to Heaven!

Posted by Kathleen O'Connor on 12th Jun 2013
These are absolute perfection! I have been buying French macaroons since a fabulous trip to France. I order regularly from Payards in NYC. I have taken classes on making these and have locked myself in the kitchen for days trying to create such perfection. I know how hard they are to make and how hard they are to find. Perfect macaroons! I will now buy a bottle of good French champaign and eat the whole box. I'm in Heaven.

Oh My....Perfection

Posted by Beth Capogrossi on 5th Apr 2013
I am the lucky recipient of a box of these lovely and delicious macarons. They arrived at my door in a beautiful, heavy gift box tied with a satin ribbon. I knew when I saw the presentation, there was something very special inside and I was right! I have savored a raspberry and a pistachio so far...not sure which is better. I look forward to treating friends and family to these delights. So glad I discovered your site.
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